Friday, February 24, 2017

7:00 am
Registration & Breakfast
7:35 am
Welcome – Nassir Marrouche, MD
7:40 amIntroducing #ASKWAF2017 (Questions via Twitter)
John Mandrola, MD

Atrial Fibrillation – Session 1:

Chairs: Bradley P. Knight, MD; Melvin Scheinman, MD
7:45 am10 years of WAF: Reflecting on 10 years of AF management progression
John P. DiMarco, MD, PhD
8:00 amPhase analysis of filtered electrograms identifies lines of block but not rotating wavefronts
Ulrich Schotten, MD, PhD
8:15 amClinical outcomes of AF mapping and rotor guided ablation
David Wilber, MD
8:30 amConcomitant LAA closure and AF ablation
Rahul N. Doshi, MD
8:45 amSocial listening, clinical trials, and surveillance: Potential impacts on the science of AF
Kevin R. Campbell, MD
9:00 amQ&A

Atrial Fibrillation – Session 2:

Chairs: Roger A. Freedman, MD; Moussa C. Mansour, MD
9:15 amTargeting rotors during AF ablation
Pierre Jais, MD
9:30 amMRI to image atrial tissue: A physicist’s perspective
Dana C. Peters, PhD
9:45 amSleep apnea and AF: Chicken and the egg
Larry A. Chinitz, MD
10:00 amPredictive strength of the CHA2DS2-VASc score in AF patients and how to improve it
Nazem Akoum, MD, MS
10:15 amWomen and AF
Andrea M. Russo, MD
10:30 amQ&A
10:45 amBreak

Atrial Fibrillation – Session 3:

Chairs: Bradley P. Knight, MD; Melvin Scheinman, MD
11:00 amHOCM and AF
Wael A. Jaber, MD
11:15 amNon-invasive ablation of AF: A reality?
H. Immo Lehmann, MD
11:30 amCost effectiveness of AF ablation
Moussa C. Mansour, MD
11:45 amNew ways of improving lesion formation with RF energy
Dipen Shah, MD
12:00 pmQ&A
12:15 pmLunch

Atrial Fibrillation – Session 4:

Chairs: Gregory K. Feld, MD; Frederick T. Han, MD
1:00 pm Real-time MRI for AF: How far we’ve come
Philipp Sommer, MD

1:15 pmHow many re-do procedures to suppress AF? When to stop?
Andrea Natale, MD
1:30 pmHow to define AF ablation success: Think outside the “30 sec” rule
Francis E. Marchlinski, MD
1:45 pm Smartphone monitoring is changing the way we manage AF
David E. Albert, MD
2:00 pm Are AF patterns or burden important for stroke risk?
Mintu Turakhia, MD, MAS
2:15 pm Q&A

Atrial Fibrillation – Session 5:

Chairs: Gregory K. Feld, MD; Gerhard Hindricks, MD
2:30 pmMonitoring AF after ablation: How and how long?
Suneet Mittal, MD
2:45 pmWhat we learned from FIRE and ICE
Christian Sohns, MD
3:00 pm Post ablation blanking period: Importance and duration
David Callans, MD
3:15 pmHow 10 years of atrial MR imaging is improving our management and understanding of AF
Nassir Marrouche, MD
3:30 pmQ&A
3:45 pmBreak

Atrial Fibrillation – Session 6:

Chairs: David Callans, MD; Nathan Segerson, MD
4:00 pmRotational activity in AF: 5 years later
Sanjiv M. Narayan, MD, PhD
4:15 pmUsing fiber-optic imaging to detect and target atrial myopathy
Frank B. Sachse, PhD
4:30 pmAblating AF: A translational science perspective for clinicians
Kalyanam Shivkumar, MD, PhD
4:45 pmLAA occlusion: Lessons from MRI
Frederick T. Han, MD
5:00 pmQ&A

Atrial Fibrillation – Session 7:

Moderators: Walid Saliba, MD; Darryl S. Wells, MD
5:15 pmNOACs and LAA occlusion - indication and procedural tips: Case presentations and roundtable discussion
Ahmad Abdul-Karim, MD
Andres Bochoeyer, MD
Jason S. Chinitz, MD
Michael Cutler, DO, PhD
Bengt Herweg, MD
Leenhapong Navaravong, MD
Alexies Ramirez, MD
Kamran Rizvi, MD
Gaston R. Vergara, MD
Bassam Wanna, MD
6:30 pmAdjourn

Saturday, February 25, 2017

7:00 am
Registration & Breakfast
Exhibits open

Atrial Fibrillation – Session 8:

Chairs: Walid Saliba, MD; Nathan Segerson, MD
7:30 amHow study designs prohibit us from comparing NOACs
Paul P. Dobesh, PharmD
7:45 am Gaps in appropriate OAC therapy in AF patients: Is there a role for aspirin?
Jonathan C. Hsu, MD, MAS
8:00 amBalancing bleeding and stroke risk in treating AF patients
Thomas F. Deering, MD
8:15 amThe aMAZE trial: Rationale and expectations for closing the LAA
Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy, MD
8:30 amQ&A

Atrial Fibrillation – Session 9:

Chairs: Edward DiBella, PhD; Christian Mahnkopf, MD
8:45 amAtrial fibro-fatty infiltration: How to target for ablation
Christopher Piorkowski, MD
9:00 amMapping AF maintenance mechanisms
Vadim V. Fedorov, PhD
9:15 amChallenges with current AF mapping systems: How to uncover the true information hidden in EGMs?
Olaf Döessel, PhD
9:30 amImaging atrial tissue using MRI: Implications for AF patients
Saman Nazarian, MD, PhD
9:45 amQ&A
10:00 amBreak

Atrial Fibrillation – Session 10:

Chair: Jonathan C. Hsu, MD, MAS; Thomas J. McGarry, MD, PhD
10:15 amSub-clinical AF: An explanation!
Benjamin A. Steinberg, MD
10:30 amTargeting fibrotic and low voltage areas to improve AF ablation outcomes
Takanori Yamaguchi, MD
10:45 amFamilial AF and MRI findings: A family study
Brent D. Wilson, MD, PhD
11:00 amEmerging energy delivery systems
Vivek Y. Reddy, MD
11:15 amQ&A
11:30 amLunch

Atrial Fibrillation – Session 11:

Chairs: Thomas Deneke, MD; Benjamin A. Steinberg, MD
12:30 pmChemotherapy-associated AF
Anna B. Catino, MD
12:45 pmRole of metabolic derangements in AF onset and perpetuation
Prash Sanders, MD, PhD
1:00 pmSurgical AF ablation: Challenges and opportunities
Ralph J. Damiano, Jr., MD
1:15 pmCryptogenic stroke: Substrate or AF?
Hooman Kamel, MD
1:30 pmQ&A

Atrial Fibrillation – Session 12:

Chairs: Johnathan Dukes, MD; Eduardo B. Saad, MD, PhD
1:45 pmProcessing the cardiac image: Structure, function, and beyond
Alan Morris, MS
2:00 pmAtrial flutter post AF ablation: Lessons from MR imaging
Mihail G. Chelu, MD, PhD
2:15 pmApproaches to ablate persistent AF in 2017
Gregory Michaud, MD
2:30 pmEnergy parameters for appropriate lesion formation
David Haines, MD
2:45 pmQ&A
3:00 pmBreak

Atrial Fibrillation – Session 13:

Chairs: Jonathan Dukes, MD; Gerhard Hindricks, MD
3:15 pmThe evolution of anticoagulation management services
Stacy Johnson, MD
3:30 pmReal-time MRI: It’s all about the lesions!
Evgueni G. Kholmovski, PhD
3:45 pmEmerging mapping technologies
Atul Verma, MD
4:00 pmQ&A

Atrial Fibrillation – Session 14:

Chairs: Johannes Brachmann, MD; David Haines, MD AF and Heart Failure
4:15 pmA heart failure specialist’s perspective
James C. Fang, MD
4:30 pm A cardiac imager’s perspective
Christopher J. McGann, MD
4:45 pmAn EP perspective
Oussama Wazni, MD
5:00 pmQ & A

Atrial Fibrillation – Session 15:

Chairs: Edward P. Gerstenfeld, MD; John Mandrola, MD
5:15 pm#ASKWAF2017: Addressing your Twitter questions
T. Jared Bunch, MD
John D. Day, MD
Jordan King, PharmD

Christian Mahnkopf, MD
Eduardo B. Saad, MD, PhD
Mellanie True Hills
6:30 pm Adjourn