11th Annual Western AF Symposium Agenda


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Friday, February 23, 2018

7:00 am
Registration & Breakfast
7:35 am
Nassir Marrouche, MD
Kevin Campbell, MD; John Mandrola, MD

Session 1:

Chairs: Melvin Scheinman, MD; Fred Han, MD 

7:45 amIs AF ablation safer than AAD? A systematic review
John P. DiMarco, MD, PhD
8:00 amInteraction between hypercoagulability and atrial fibrillation
Ulrich Schotten, MD, PhD
8:15 amClinical outcomes of AF mapping and rotor guided ablation
David Wilber, MD
8:30 amLAA closure: Long-term follow-up data
Rahul N. Doshi, MD
8:45 amQ&A

Session 2:

Chairs: David Wilber, MD; Roger Freedman, MD

9:00 amIt is all about lesion delivery: Is electroporation the future of AF ablation?
Pierre Jais, MD
9:15 amAtrial MR imaging: How to improve resolution?
Dana C. Peters, PhD
9:30 amLAA closure devices: Benefit beyond stroke prevention?
Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy, MD
9:45 amIs AF a marker or a risk for stroke?
Nazem Akoum, MD, MS
10:00 amQ&A
10:15 amBreak

Session 3:

Chairs: Jonathan Piccini, MD; Melvin Scheinman, MD

10:30 am
Is AF ablation a first-line therapy in 2018?
Eric Prystowsky, MD
10:45 am
CABANA: What to expect?
Douglas Packer, MD
11:00 am
Esophageal protection during AF ablation
Moussa C. Mansour, MD
11:15 am
QoL post AF ablation: the CAPTAF trial
Carina Blomström-Lundqvist, MD, PhD
11:30 am
11:45 am

Session 4:

Chairs: Michael Cutler, DO, PhD; Fred Han, MD 

12:30 pm
Cryo-balloon for AF: Long-term results
Bradley Knight, MD
12:45 pm
Is it AF or the myopathy? Lessons from MR imaging
Saman Nazarian, MD, PhD
1:00 pm
Atrial fibrosis modeling: Clinical implications
Natalia Trayanova, PhD
1:15 pm
Mortality benefit post AF ablation: The CASTLE-AF trial
Johannes Brachmann, MD
1:30 pmQ&A

Session 5:

Chairs: Jonathan Piccini, MD; Roger Freedman, MD

1:45 pm
Do we still need to monitor for asymptomatic AF after ablation?
Suneet Mittal, MD
2:00 pm
Rotational activity and atrial fibrosis: How DECAAF II might help?
Christian Sohns, MD
2:15 pm
Post-ablation blanking period: 4, 8, 12 or zero weeks?
David Callans, MD
2:30 pmFibrosis and clinical AF: What are the DECAAFs teaching us?
Nassir Marrouche, MD
2:45 pmQ&A
3:00 pmBreak

Session 6:

Chairs: David Callans, MD; Gaston R. Vergara, MD

3:15 pm
Targeting rotational activity during re-do procedures
Sanjiv M. Narayan, MD, PhD
3:30 pm
Catheterized fiber-optics confocal microscopy for mapping of atrial fibrosis
Frank B. Sachse, PhD
3:45 pm
Treatment of esophageal injury post AF ablation: A GI perspective
Deborah Fisher, MD, MHS
4:00 pm
AF in heart failure patients: Lessons from SCD-HeFT
Jeanne Poole, MD
4:15 pm

Session 7:

Moderators: Frank B. Sachse, PhD; Suneet Mittal, MD

4:30 pmAtrial fibrosis in an experimental model: What have we learned?
Stanley Nattel, MD
4:45 pmWhen to anticoagulate AF patients with CHA2DS2-VASc <2?
Andrea M. Russo, MD
5:00 pmRisk factors for AF in women
Christine Albert, MD, MPH
5:15 pmQ&A
5:25 pmBreak

Session 8:

Moderators: Walid Saliba, MD; Darryl S. Wells, MD  

5:35 pmRoundtable: How, when and why to monitor for AF—Examples from practice
Ahmad Abdul-Karim, MD; Andres Bochoeyer, MD; Marcos Daccarett, MD; Bengt
Herweg, MD; Nischala Nannapaneni,
MD; Leenhapong Navaravong, MD; Kamran Rizvi, MD; Bassam Wanna, MD
6:30 pm

Saturday, February 24, 2018

7:00 am
Registration & Breakfast
Exhibits open

Session 9:

Chairs: John Mandrola, MD; Alexies Ramirez, MD 

7:30 amReal world impact of NOACs: Neurologist perspective
Scott Brehaut, MD
7:45 am Debate: DOACs should be given for at least 6 months post-LAA implant
Pro: Jonathan Lowy, MD
Con: Julian Chun, MD
8:00 amESC AF guidelines update
Gerhard Hindricks, MD, PhD
8:15 amHow much AF is too much? (Especially with wearables everywhere…)
Mintu Turakhia, MD
8:30 amQ&A

Session 10:

Chairs: Alexandru Costea, MD; Fred Han, MD 

8:45 amContemporary real-world and registry data of NOACs: Is Coumadin Dead?
Jonathan Hsu, MD, MAS
9:00 amLow-voltage zone vs MR detected fibrosis: A comparison
Takanorai Yamaguchi, MD
9:15 amWhy are we struggling to agree on an ideal mapping system for AF?
Olaf Döessel, PhD
9:30 amAblation of AF: 10 years of follow-up
Andrea Natale, MD
9:45 amQ&A
10:00 amBreak

Session 11:

Chairs: Prash Sanders, MBBS, PhD; Thomas J. McGarry, MD, PhD 

10:15 amAF & OSA: Chicken and the egg
Thomas F. Deering, MD, MBA
10:30 amCardiac fibrosis and treatment outcome: Lessons from CAMERA-MRI
Jonathan M. Kalman, MBBS, PhD
10:45 amA Novel AF risk scoring model using MRI
Brent D. Wilson, MD, PhD
11:00 amAblation lesions post ablation: What have we learned from imaging?
Mihail G. Chelu, MD, PhD
11:15 amQ&A
11:30 amLunch

Session 12:

Chairs: Thomas Deneke, MD; Nathan Segerson, MD 

12:30 pmApproaches to ablate persistent AF in 2018: Why too many?
Gregory Michaud, MD
12:45 pmHow to modify lifestyle and educate the AF patient?
Prash Sanders, MBBS, PhD
1:00 pmRole of atrial fibrosis during surgical AF ablation
Ralph J. Damiano, Jr., MD
1:15 pmHow to best monitor treatment with NOACs?
Elaine M. Hylek, MD, MPH
1:30 pmQ&A

Session 13:

Chairs: Atul Verma, MD; Stephen Rechenmacher, MD 

1:45 pmReal-time MRI cryo-balloon guided ablation
Evgueni G. Kholmovski, PhD
2:00 pmRadiofrequency balloon systems
Amin Al-Ahmad, MD
2:15 pmReal-time MRI for cardiac ablation
Philipp Sommer, MD
2:30 pmIs transmural lesion an important endpoint during AF ablation? Show me the data!
David Haines, MD
2:45 pmQ&A
3:00 pmBreak

Session 14:

Chairs: Christian Mahnkopf, MD; Alexandru Costea, MD 

3:15 pmPatient-reported outcomes in AF
Benjamin A. Steinberg, MD, MHS
3:30 pmOff-label treatment of AF
Kimberly A. Selzman, MD, MPH
3:45 pmImportance of durable PVI for persistent AF
Atul Verma, MD
4:00 pmQ&A

Session 15:

Chairs: Nassir Marrouche, MD; David Haines, MD 

4:15 pmTreatment of AF: Heart failure specialist’s perspective
Heribert Schunkert, MD
4:30 pm 4D flow in AF detected using MRI
Christopher J. McGann, MD
4:45 pmHow early should we ablate AF? Temporal and structural criteria
Oussama Wazni, MD
5:00 pmQ&A

Session 16:

Chairs: Kevin Campbell, MD; John Mandrola, MD 

5:15 pm#ASKWAF2018:
John D. Day, MD; Christian Mahnkopf, MD; Debbe McCall, MBA; Claudio Molito; Mellanie True Hills; Gaston R. Vergara, MD
6:30 pm Adjourn

*Agenda is subject to change

Download Full WAF 2018 Agenda Here