You will find all the information and applications necessary to showcase your company and its products and services at the 2018 AF Symposium. The exhibitor information below includes advertising opportunities, rules and regulations, along with the Western AF exhibitor agreement.

Exhibitor Agreement

Exhibitor support opportunities include:

  • Acknowledgement on symposium banner, website, and on conference materials
  • Display space in the trade show area
  • Company recognition at symposium
  • Symposium registration for exhibitors or supporting company representatives

 General Exhibiting Information

Exhibit space is located in or near the area where the conference attendees will be having breaks throughout the Symposium

All Exhibitors Will Receive:

  • 6’ table with linen cover
  • Chair
  • Power access, upon request
  • WiFi access

WAF Symposium Rules & Regulations

Social Media Guidelines

While we encourage your use of social media in and around the WAF Symposium, we remind you to adhere to the Symposium’s social media guidelines and accepted social media etiquette. Please be aware of the following guidelines.


  • Follow us on Twitter and use the conference’s official handle: @WesternAF.
  • Blog about the symposium and what you are hearing and seeing (but without sharing details of any data presented).
  • Converse with other attendees.
  • Provide feedback to Symposium staff and the program committee.
  • Communicate with respect, being mindful of diversity and tolerant of differences you may encounter.
  • Keep criticism constructive, and listen carefully to others to understand their perspectives.


  • Use photographic or other recording devices – this is strictly prohibited in all plenary sessions.
  • Capture, transmit, or redistribute data presented at the conference – this may preclude subsequent publication of the data in a scholarly journal. Please do not jeopardize your colleagues’ work!
  • Engage in rudeness or personal attacks.

No-Show Policy

Any exhibiting organization that fails to notify WAF 2018 in writing, 24 hours prior to the symposium start, of its intent to cancel is deemed a no-show. A no-show will result in WAF 2018 retaining the total exhibitor fee. All freight will be returned at the exhibitors’ expense and WAF 2018 will utilize the space at its discretion.

Exhibit Booth Traffic and Attendance

WAF 2018 works to make the exhibit areas an inviting environment for attendees. Appropriate marketing and promotion of the exhibit area will be provided by WAF 2018; however, WAF 2018 makes no guarantees of traffic flow, demographic nature, quantity or presumed quality of leads. WAF 2018 strongly encourages exhibitors to market their company/products at WAF 2018 scientific conferences. This has been shown to increase traffic and ROI. Effort to enhance traffic flow has been made by WAF 2018.

Prohibited Practices

These practices are prohibited in the Exhibit Area:

  • Placing business cards or any other object over an official WAF 2018 badge or in any way altering an official WAF 2018 badge.
  • Entering educational area with a commercial name badge.
  • Obstruction of aisle space due to any activity in an exhibitor’s booth.
  • Sub-leasing or sharing exhibit space.
  • Audio and/or visual systems that disturb neighboring exhibits. Using an open audio system or visual strobe effect is strongly discouraged. The exhibitor must stop using the system if, in WAF 2018’s opinion, the sound level is objectionable to the registrants or adjacent exhibitors. Further, the exhibitor is responsible for any and all fees that may be due for the use of copyrighted music used in audio presentations.


Each exhibitor is responsible for safeguarding its goods, materials, equipment and exhibit at all times during the symposium. For security concerns, please contact the logistics coordinator at justina.smith@carma.utah.edu.

Use of WAF Symposium Logo

The WAF 2018 name, logotype or other identifying marks may not be used in signs, advertising or promotions in any media, or on descriptive product literature either inside or outside the exhibit area without WAF 2018’s prior express written permission. The name of the WAF Symposium may not be included in any advertising for meetings sponsored by another organization or group. Furthermore, the exhibitor cannot advertise or promote the fact that the exhibitor’s goods or services were exhibited at a WAF 2018 scientific conference. No endorsements by WAF 2018 of the exhibitor or its goods or services, expressed or implied, is permitted or intended. Lack of compliance will result in the exhibiting company or offender being forbidden to exhibit at future meetings.

Justina Smith
Manager, CARMA, Exhibitor Coordinator

Click here for the Exhibitor Agreement